About Us

We have been operating as an RTO for over 10 years providing Nationally Accredited Training throughout Australia. We are a group of automotive safety experts with our Head Office in Sydney. We are passionate about educating the community about safety in vehicles.

Our Story

We pride ourselves on our ability to access the community and offer information that would otherwise be more difficult to come by, especially as it is information that is so vital to vehicular safety. The Mobility Education branch of our company will serve as your beacon of knowledge and expertise within the people transport industry! We are willing, eager, and able to help everyone who needs advice and specialised training when it comes to transporting people.

Our Values


We are safe people ensuring safe outcomes; your safety is our obsession.


We believe freedom is key to flourishing; mobility is the path to independence.


We are generous givers of time and energy; we show courtesy and compassion.


We are positive people; we find the good in any circumstance.


We balance productivity and celebration; our passion for life overflows.


Everything we do is in pursuit of community; of fairness, friendship and growth.

Why Learn With Us

Our team of expert trainers have spearheaded workshops and training sessions throughout Australia to encapsulate our vision of safety even in the more remote communities. With this goal in mind, we offer courses and expert knowledge to all members of community who continue to support those in need of transport.